If you don’t have enough time to deep clean your home, don’t worry. Here you can find some interesting ideas that you can use to make your home look a lot cleaner that it really is.

  1. Use the advice : “Clean the three T’s”

    This is very funny advice as it tells you to focus only on the cleaning of the TV, the tabletops and the toilet. This is actually really clever advice. The TV is more likely to get a lot of dust and by dusting it you will make your whole living room look much cleaner. Taking the dust and clutter off your tabletops will also make a significant difference. The toilet is also one of the places in your home that is often neglected. After you clean it, spray it with a disinfectant that smells good.
  2. Get rid of pet hair

    Pet hair is one of the most annoying things you can have on your sofa. Even if your home is sparklingly clean, when your furniture is covered with pet fur, it will automatically look dirty.
  3. Toss everything in a specific basket

    If your friends come to your home without warning and you have a couple of minutes to organise the place, you might need some baskets where you can toss your stuff in. It is not a nice tip but yet you need to hurry up and make your home cleaner than it really is. So it usually helps. However, make sure that you toss the things from your living room in a particular basket. Then toss the things from the bedroom in another. This will save you a lot of time when removing the items after your guests leave. This way you will know exactly which basket is for the living room and won’t have to make trips across your home to put the things where they belong.
  4. Collect all of the newspapers, magazines and mail in a basket

    Your house will look very messy with all of the newspapers and magazines around. Simply collect them in a basket and place it in the loft. It is easy to be done and really will make your home tidy and well-organised.
  5. Wipe the mirrors

    This may be the last thing that will come to your mind. However, there is nothing more unpleasant than seeing fingerprints all over the mirror in the living room, or toothpaste marks on the bathroom mirror. Simply take a damp cloth and wipe all of the mirrors in your house.
  6. Keep the floors clean

    Dirty floors will make the whole room look very messy. Always make sure that you clean the floors in every room before inviting your friends. You can also insist on taking their shoes off before entering the house.
  7. Make your home smell good

    If your home smells really good, this will make your guests assume that it is very clean. Always ventilate the rooms to freshen up the air.
  8. Don’t leave lots of dishes in the sink

    A pile of dishes in your kitchen will make the room look messy. Make sure that you wash all of your dishes after every meal. You don’t have to do this yourself. You can make a schedule for all of your family members. This way they will all know when it is their turn to wash the dishes. Your kitchen will be much more organised.

To avoid panicking when you are expecting some guests, make sure that you clean regularly your home. This will save you a lot of stress and last minute household chores. Use these tips and make your house look cleaner than it really is. It doesn’t take a lot of efforts. Remember, that if you spend just 10 minutes a day cleaning, you will maintain a nice and tidy home. In this case when the doorbell rings, you will have nothing to worry about. You will be focused on making your guests feeling comfortable and happy, instead of worrying whether you will be able to clean everything on time.